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A new Early Cambrian onychophoran-like animal, Paucipodia gen. nov., from the Chengjiang fauna, China

  • Chen Jun-yuan (a1), Zhou Gui-qing (a1) and Lars Ramsköld (a2)


An onychophoran-like fossil animal, Paucipodia inermis gen. et sp. nov., is described from the Lower Cambrian Chengjiang lagerstatte in Yunnan, China. The animal was soft-bodied, and possessed six pairs of unjointed legs, each having two claws distally. The body was finely annulated, lacked trunk plates, and apparently terminated posteriorly with the last leg pair, without preserved evidence of a posterior trunk extension. Paucipodia widens the morphological range hitherto known in Cambrian lobopodians, notably regarding leg number and presence or absence of plates. Its morphology also provides support for the recently suggested anteroposterior orientation of Hallucigenia and Microdictyon.


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A new Early Cambrian onychophoran-like animal, Paucipodia gen. nov., from the Chengjiang fauna, China

  • Chen Jun-yuan (a1), Zhou Gui-qing (a1) and Lars Ramsköld (a2)


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