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Generalized and degenerate Whittaker models

  • Raul Gomez (a1), Dmitry Gourevitch (a2) and Siddhartha Sahi (a3)


We study generalized and degenerate Whittaker models for reductive groups over local fields of characteristic zero (archimedean or non-archimedean). Our main result is the construction of epimorphisms from the generalized Whittaker model corresponding to a nilpotent orbit to any degenerate Whittaker model corresponding to the same orbit, and to certain degenerate Whittaker models corresponding to bigger orbits. We also give choice-free definitions of generalized and degenerate Whittaker models. Finally, we explain how our methods imply analogous results for Whittaker–Fourier coefficients of automorphic representations. For $\text{GL}_{n}(\mathbb{F})$ this implies that a smooth admissible representation $\unicode[STIX]{x1D70B}$ has a generalized Whittaker model ${\mathcal{W}}_{{\mathcal{O}}}(\unicode[STIX]{x1D70B})$ corresponding to a nilpotent coadjoint orbit ${\mathcal{O}}$ if and only if ${\mathcal{O}}$ lies in the (closure of) the wave-front set $\operatorname{WF}(\unicode[STIX]{x1D70B})$ . Previously this was only known to hold for $\mathbb{F}$ non-archimedean and ${\mathcal{O}}$ maximal in $\operatorname{WF}(\unicode[STIX]{x1D70B})$ , see Moeglin and Waldspurger [Modeles de Whittaker degeneres pour des groupes p-adiques, Math. Z. 196 (1987), 427–452]. We also express ${\mathcal{W}}_{{\mathcal{O}}}(\unicode[STIX]{x1D70B})$ as an iteration of a version of the Bernstein–Zelevinsky derivatives [Bernstein and Zelevinsky, Induced representations of reductive p-adic groups. I., Ann. Sci. Éc. Norm. Supér. (4) 10 (1977), 441–472; Aizenbud et al.Derivatives for representations of $\text{GL}(n,\mathbb{R})$ and $\text{GL}(n,\mathbb{C})$ , Israel J. Math. 206 (2015), 1–38]. This enables us to extend to $\text{GL}_{n}(\mathbb{R})$ and $\text{GL}_{n}(\mathbb{C})$ several further results by Moeglin and Waldspurger on the dimension of ${\mathcal{W}}_{{\mathcal{O}}}(\unicode[STIX]{x1D70B})$ and on the exactness of the generalized Whittaker functor.



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Generalized and degenerate Whittaker models

  • Raul Gomez (a1), Dmitry Gourevitch (a2) and Siddhartha Sahi (a3)


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