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Sophron and Theocritus

  • A. S. F. Gow (a1)


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page 113 note 1 See Jahrb. f. Class.Phil., Suppl. 27 p. III, and Hess. Blätt. f. Volkskunde 25 p. 217.

page 114 note 1 For salt in purification see Theocr. 24. 97, Tib. 3. 4. 10, Eitrem, Opferritus p. 323; for laurel, Abt, Apol. d. Apul. p. 79, Diels, Sibyll. Blätt. p. 120; for pitch. Phot. s.vv. μιαρ μρα, ῥμνος and, in fumigations, Geop. 12. 8. 1 al.; for dog-sacrifice, Plut. Mor. 280b. With the possible exception of the last, these could be explained from love-magic, but love-magic is essentially a secret affair. For the quenched torch in purification cf. Eur. Her. 928; for the open doors, perhaps Suid. s.v. θραζε.

page 114 note 2 On the Pan-painter's Busiris pelike (Beazley, Der Panmaler 8 and p. 12) one of the attendants at the sacrifice carries what seems to be a case of eight knives. I understand the speaker here to be asking for the two-edged knife from the set.

page 114 note 3 Hesych. s.v., L. and S9. s.v. εὐκαμα.

page 114 note 4 Schol. Ar. Pl. 594, Plut. Mor. 709a; cf. Sophr. fr. 27.

page 114 note 5 For the doors (11) cf. Lysias 12. 16.

page 114 note 6 Suid. s.v. Σώφρων, Ath. 7. 281e, Pap. Ox. 2. 301; cf. Choric. de mim. 16, Pl. Rep. 451c.

page 114 note 7 One of the smaller fragments is θραν τν αὐτς εκ[, but the visible sex need not be that of the speaker.

page 114 note 8 It is Fritzsche's; cf. Jahn in Hermus 2, p. 239.

page 115 note 1 I do not put it more strongly because, if this is a purificatory sacrifice, the words of the Scholiast τν τν φαρμκων ὑπθεσιν … μεταφρει present an obvious difficulty.

Sophron and Theocritus

  • A. S. F. Gow (a1)


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