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On Three Passages of Ovid

  • D. A. Slater (a1)


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page 257 note 1 In MSS. the letters p and f, c and t, are frequently confused. ‘“ In faciem” duo Moreti’ Burmann ad loc. The codd. dett. of the Amores are said often to preserve traces of the truth where the better MSS. are at fault.

page 257 note 2 DrMagnus, Hugo, Studien zur Uberliefentng, etc. (Berlin, 1893). See Heinsius ap. Burmann (1727) ad loc.

page 257 note 3 Cf. (e.g.) the ‘illas’ of M. for ‘Ilias’ of in Plautus, , Miles Gloriosus, 743.

page 257 note 4 See Prof. Ellis' Commentary on XXIX. 5.

page 258 note 1 i. 1. Cui dono lepidum novum libellum, etc.

page 258 note 2 Cf. Mort. i. 61, Verona docti syllabas amat vatis with Stephenson's comment ad loc. on line 12.

page 258 note 3 C.P.L., not. crit., ad loc.

On Three Passages of Ovid

  • D. A. Slater (a1)


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