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L. Papirius Fregellanus

  • E. Badian (a1)


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page 22 note 1 See references in Malcovati, , Or. Rom. Fragm. i. 94 (1930); and, of the later literature, particularly Göhler, , Rom und Italien, 134f. (1939); Müinzer, in R.E., s.v. ‘Papirius’, 19 (1949).

page 22 note 2 Thus Malcovati, loc. cit.

page 22 note 3 Cf. Mommsen, , Staatsr. iii. 637, n. 2.

page 22 note 4 See n. 1 for standard works rejecting her view (and, in fact, not even referring to it). The most careful scholar recently to touch on the problem suspends judgement (Tibiletti in Rend. 1st. Lomb., Cl. di Lettere, 53, n. 29).

page 23 note 1 ‘scriptura ed. pr. et codd. Lg. [=Lago- unmarsinianorum] omnium’ (Ellendt).

page 23 note 2 It is worth mentioning that it also avoids a slight stylistic awkwardness: Fregellae being itself a Latin colony, coloniisque Latinis could only mean ‘and the Latin colonies in general’ or ‘and the other Latin colonies’.

L. Papirius Fregellanus

  • E. Badian (a1)


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