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An Early Christian Monument from Tanagra

  • W. M. Calder (a1)


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page 8 note 1 And Mussolini's Italians were marching into Albania, initiating the train of events which has led to delay in publication.

page 9 note 1 A symbol within a symbol. The three crosses represent the Trinity and the connexion between cross and vine symbolizes John xv.5. This connexion is made even more explicit on the monument in M.A.M.A. i, no. 213.

page 9 note 2 In A.D. 448 Elias, Bishop of Hadrianopolis in Phrygia, confessed at the Council of Constantinople that he could not sign his name (eo quod nesciam literas). See Ramsay, , C.B., p. 509.

page 10 note 1 Deissmann's description of Nonnus' rendering of the Fourth Gospel into hexameters.

page 10 note 2 The words πη⋯ν προπ⋯ροιθε γεγώτων of 1. 8 will in that case be proleptic.

page 10 note 3 e.g. T.A.P.A. lvii, 1926, p. 204.

page 11 note 1 Ramsay, C.B., nos. 394, 353. See also Anatolian Studies presented to Buckler, pp. 15 ff., M.A.M.A. vi, no. 225.

page 11 note 2 See Revue de Philologie, xxxvi, 1912, p. 69.

An Early Christian Monument from Tanagra

  • W. M. Calder (a1)


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