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Instructions for authors

Submission Instructions Download Instruction for Contributors in PDF. (36 KB).

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Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence

Submitting an article to Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence is not difficult. Please send the document as an attachment in Word. Times New Roman 12 point font. Spaced 1.15—including the notes, at the bottom of each page. (This is useful because when a referee refers to an argument ‘on page 12’, the author will be on the same page.)

Do not send ‘author’s original’ work (AO) prepared for blind review, but if you wish to attach a second copy so prepared it is welcome. When we send out articles for review, they will be sent to the reviewer blind as to author. Of course, CJLJ is a peer-reviewed journal.

No title page please. A cover letter is optional but we do appreciate authors who identify themselves and their situation to those with whom they are communicating—in this case, the CJLJ Editor at Western Law.

If you are sending your essay to another journal as well, please inform us. We respect but do not require exclusivity but do seek to respond quickly. We explain rejections. Do not send a PDF—that does not allow for comments and criticisms to be written into the text. Referees do not want a PDF. And do not use track changes for submissions. It is inappropriate—in fact, always a distraction.

The footnotes of an accepted paper will have to be in McGill style, but it is hardly necessary in a submission to use that style—but thoughtful if you do.

The journal has no formal limits on the size of submissions though it is true that most articles are under 14,000 words—including notes. This is an informal limit because, one can be sure, if an absolutely superb, but longer, article finds its way here, being one which just demands our use, we will comply.

CJLJ publishes Book Reviews of 2000-2500 words. CJLJ also publishes Critical Notices, which are titled articles focussed on a single book. These can be long as 14,000 words and are submitted in the way regular articles are.

Our Policy: CJLJ is a philosophy journal demanding work that satisfies that discipline while addressing issues relevant to law and its practice. CJLJ publishes ‘general jurisprudence’, viz., on the nature of law, and ‘special jurisprudence’ about the concepts and values present in particular areas of legal study, e.g., contracts, torts, criminal, constitutional. While not exactly an ethics journal, articles on professional ethics are appropriate if sufficiently general in reference. This journal does not accept case analyses and does not entertain articles which are limited to a narrow controversy found in a single jurisdiction, e.g., Canada. The exceptions are short pieces that we call "Discussion" or "Essay" which are especially interesting philosophically, perhaps in the light of important legal events past or present. While not a history journal, historical discussions relevant to philosophy and law are welcomed as studies in the history of ideas. CJLJ is not a sociological journal nor is it one promoting religion even if laws or court cases are discussed sociologically or religiously.


Publishing your article as Gold Open Access

You will have the option to publish your article as Gold Open Access, enabling the final published version to be made freely available under a Creative Commons license. You might be required to pay an Article Processing Charge (APC) for Gold Open Access. You may be eligible for a waiver or discount, for example if your institution is part of a Read and Publish sales agreement with Cambridge University Press. For more information about your Open Access options, please see here. For more information about the benefits of choosing to publish Open Access, see here.

Last updated 21st January 2020