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Music Education Issues for Adult Beginners in Armenia: Specifically the Analysis of the Difficulties of Piano Playing

  • Anna Adamyan (a1)


This paper reveals contemporary issues of music education in post-soviet Armenia. The author analyses the state of music education and draws special attention to the music education of adult beginners, which is a new challenge for the educational system of Armenia. In particular, the author reveals new problems in the performing arts, especially piano playing by adults, which brings with it many questions about new methodical approaches.

The author details ideas with respect to the psychological aspects of adults who wish to play piano and presents results of her tests on students from the chair of Music Education, Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan. She also provides observations and a number of recommendations for even more productive work.



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Music Education Issues for Adult Beginners in Armenia: Specifically the Analysis of the Difficulties of Piano Playing

  • Anna Adamyan (a1)


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