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A Register of the Students of St. Gregory’s College at Seville, 1591–1605

  • Canon Edwin Henson and Albert J. Loomie


Information about the early years of St. Gregory's College in Seville has never been abundant. The archives of the College which passed into the custody of the Rector of St. Albans in Valladolid were only fragments of a much larger series of records. There is no “Liber Ruber” or anything comparable to the diaries of Douai, instead only scattered documents survive: account books of monthly expenses for food and necessities, minute books of faculty consultations on college discipline and student behaviour, records of land transferrals and rentals, copies of depositions connected with legal disputes, and various miscellaneous letters. It was from this variety of sources that in 1932 Canon Henson first compiled a “Tentative List of the Students of the English College, Seville”. He drew upon the college archives, Foley's Records of the English Province, Knox's Douai Diaries and other printed memoirs, particularly the volumes of the Catholic Record Society. On completion there were entries for four hundred and twenty-seven students, who covered the entire history of the college from 1591 to the suppression of the Jesuit order in the eighteenth century. Subsequently Canon Henson prepared a larger revised list which he hoped would form the basis for a volume comparable to his studies of St. Alban's in Valladolid and St. George's in Madrid. In 1955, when I visited Valladolid, Canon Henson very graciously lent the portion dealing with the first fifteen years of the college to me to assist my research into the Elizabethan Catholics in Spain, with the suggestion that I add to it any further names and information that might be found. Canon Henson died on February 1, 1961, after a lengthy illness. In 1955 this list contained ninety-six entries; at present it is increased to one hundred and forty-two. I have found reasons, however, to change some of his original identifications. It is to be hoped that by this publication other researchers will be prompted to offer further additions. I would like to acknowledge the generous hospitality of the present Rector of St. Albans, Msgr. David Greenstock, who permitted me to review the entire list in the college library's manuscripts.



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1. For the events of the founding and early years of the college, see Hicks, L., “Father Persons and the Seminaries in Spain”, The Month, old series, vol. 177 (1931), 193204, 410-417, 497-506; vol. 178 (1931), 26-35, 143-152, 234-244, and Loomie, A. J., The Spanish Elizabethans (London, 1965, New York, 1963), 191 ff. Beales, A. C. F., Education under Penalty (London, 1964) has a valuable survey of the college system on the continent which offers more recent research than is available in the unfinished study of Guilday, P. of The English Catholic Refugees on the Continent, 1558-1795 (London, 1914).

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6. 6. Source “B” folio 206 listed “P(adr)e Guillermo Dausio (William Davis) en su lugar p(adr)e Juan Bun (John Bond)” for November 27, 1600, and later P(adr)e Christophero Walpolo (Christopher Walpole) loco illius P. Nazbul (Knatchbull)” for March 1602.


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