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Cambridge University Press will have ceased publication of Brain Impairment on completion of Volume 24 (2023). From Issue 1 of Volume 25 (2024), the Journal is published by CSIRO Publishing. Please visit the new website at:

For all new submissions to Brain Impairment, please visit: Back content is retained on Cambridge Core to fulfil our perpetual access obligations to previous subscribers only.

From January 1st 2024 any post-publication queries should be directed to CSIRO Publishing, who are responsible for investigating any issues and posting any notice such as may be appropriate.

  • ISSN: 1443-9646 (Print), 1839-5252 (Online)
  • Editors: Jennifer Fleming University of Queensland, Australia, and Grahame Simpson Ingham Institute of Applied Medical Research, Australia
  • Editorial board
The journal addresses topics related to the aetiology, epidemiology, treatment and outcomes of brain impairment with a particular focus on the implications for functional status, participation, rehabilitation and quality of life. Disciplines reflect a broad multidisciplinary scope and include neuroscience, neurology, neuropsychology, psychiatry, clinical psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, social work, and nursing. Submissions are welcome across the full range of conditions that affect brain function (stroke, tumour, progressive neurological illnesses, dementia, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, etc.) throughout the lifespan.

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