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A Sylloge of Minor Bucolic

  • R.J.H. Matthews (a1)


In this article I use ‘Minor Bucolic’ to mean ‘poems transmitted in bucolic manuscripts but not written by Theocritus’; thus the term includes, strictly speaking, pseudo-Theocritean poems, poems ascribed (correctly or otherwise) to Moschus and Bion, the Pattern Poems, and the poem called Εἰς νεκρὸν Ἄδωνιν. I use the Greek text of A.S.F. Gow in Bucolici Graeci (Oxford 1952/1958) unless otherwise stated, and follow Gow’s numbering of the so-called ‘fragments’ of Moschus and Bion in that edition; other scholars’ numerations are given on p. 186 of it. It is necessary to remember that Gow himself used a previous numeration, namely that of Wilamowitz {Bucolici Graeci, Oxford 1905/1910), when referring to Bion’s fragments in his magnum opus on (and entitled) Theocritus (Cambridge 1950/1952). The numbering of Moschus’ fragments is however the same. As poems traditionally ascribed to Moschus or Bion are mostly falsely or dubiously so ascribed, they are referred to by title or abbreviated title. Similar treatment is given to certain of the pseudo-Theocritean poems, namely Idd. 19, 20, 21, 23, as they are central to this study.



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Note: I mostly follow the modern style of identifying written works by date, but as the second edition of Gow's Theocritus and the first edition of his Bucolici Craeci both came out in 1952, I refer to these by title. References to Gallavotti unadorned by year are to that scholar's magnum opus on Greek Bucolic, namely Theocritus quique feruntur Bucolici Graeci.

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A Sylloge of Minor Bucolic

  • R.J.H. Matthews (a1)


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