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Apollo Delios

  • David M. Lewis


The fragment which I publish here by the kind permission of Dr. J. Papademetriou lies in the courtyard of the Piraeus Museum. Of its origins nothing can be said. It does not appear in the Museum inventory, and all that can be affirmed for certain is that it was already in the Museum in January 1937, when Mr. J. G. Griffith made a squeeze which is now in the Ashmolean Museum. This squeeze besides its chronological value is also helpful, in that it shows rather more than can now be read on the stone.

Fragment of Pentelic marble with left-hand edge and original rough-picked back preserved. Height: 0·352 m.; width: 0·349 m.; thickness: 0·152 m. Uninscribed left margin of 0·026 m. Uninscribed space below last line of at least 0·110 m. Cut with two chisels of 10 mm. and 6 mm., the smaller being employed for the cross-bars of epsilon, alpha, and the aspirate, the horizontal and right vertical of pi, and all three strokes of upsilon and sigma. Horizontal chequer: 0·0137 m.; vertical chequer: 0·0194 m. (Plate 51a).



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1 I am grateful to Prof. H. T. Wade-Gery for reading a first draught.

2 Studies presented to D. M. Robinson ii. 298 ff. Treu's objections (Historia iii. 58) are based on dogma, not on the text. Neither considers the lettering.

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6 The of IG ii2. 133.23 has been disposed of (Wilhelm, , Anz. Wien. 1947, 196).

7 One should, however, bear in mind Meisterhans's warning about the article with plural ethnics (GAI3 120 n. 12).

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13 Compare also IG i2. 94, where the apodektai are to pay receipts belonging to Kodros, Neleus, and Basile to the Treasurers of the Other Gods What law? Not, I think, the law about temene (ibid. line 25), because this might involve Athena's property too. Rather, I suspect, the first Kallias Decree (ATL ii, D 1. 24–27).

14 The view that this is a late stretch of Herodotus depends on an unnecessary interpretation of vi. 91. 1, for clearly the expulsion of the and not of all Aeginetans is in question there, and this may have happened long before 431.

15 He need not be correcting Herodotus, but must, I think, be correcting somebody. Not so Gomme, ad loc., and Essays 122, n. 2.

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Apollo Delios

  • David M. Lewis


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