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An Egyptian Flint Knife from Knossos*

  • Gerald Cadogan


In January 1965 Mr. Sinclair Hood came upon a flint knife in a box of pottery in the Stratigraphical Museum at Knossos from the West ‘kouloura’ house in the West Court, which he kindly referred to me to publish. The knife is unrecorded, and is a unique import of its type into the Aegean in the Bronze Age, if it did reach Crete in Middle Minoan times. On the assumption that it did, it must have been passed over by Pendlebury, who excavated with his wife the ‘kouloura’ houses.



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1 The excavation of the ‘kouloura’ houses is published in BSA xxx (1928–30) 53–73 and PM iv. 66–74. It is just possible that the knife is a twentieth-century import, which, for example, fell out of somebody's pocket or was mislaid in the Stratigraphical Museum.

2 Kahun pl. 16, top row, left of column; Illahun 52 f., pls. 7. 7, 8; 13. 6 (= Schaeffer, Stratigraphie comparée (1948) fig. 53. 9) with binding cord preserved.

3 Harageh ii, pl. 7. 8, 10.

4 Beni Hassan iii, fig. on p. 35.

5 PM iv. 64.

6 BSA xxx (1928–30) 58; PM iv. 69.

7 (1965) 141.

8 The latest review of Middle Minoan chronology is by Åström, , KK xv–xvi (1961–2) 137–48.

9 BSA x (1903–4) 61. Possibly two were found: cf. Phylakopi 223 and n. 3.

10 BSA xxviii (1926–7) 257.

11 Persson, , New Tombs at Dendra (1942) 4849.

12 CT 222–3, with lists of early and late occurrences.

13 BSA xlii (1947) 172.

14 Similar flint knives are known from Byblos (e.g. Dunand, , Fouilles de Byblos ii (1950) 104, 136 fig. 128, pl. 186, 7475; 527 f. fig. 600, pl. 186, 12485).

15 PM i. 266, 291.

* I am grateful to the Managing Committee of the British School for giving me permission to publish this knife and to the Oxford University Craven Committee, administrators of the T. W. Greene Scholarship, for helping me to study Minoan foreign relations; to Mr. Hood, who also took the photographs and read the draft; to Mrs. Payne for advice on the dating; to Mrs. Pat Clarke for the drawing; and to Mrs. H. W. Pendlebury, Mrs. M. Seiradakis, Mr. Mark Cameron, Mr. R. W. Hutchinson, Mr. A. H. S. Megaw, Mr. M. R. Popham, and Mr. H. Smith for kind help.

An Egyptian Flint Knife from Knossos*

  • Gerald Cadogan


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