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Variations in the abundance of 24 protein biomarkers of beef tenderness according to muscle and animal type

  • N. Guillemin (a1), C. Jurie (a1), I. Cassar-Malek (a1), J.-F. Hocquette (a1), G. Renand (a2) and B. Picard (a1)...


Some proteins have been revealed as biomarkers for beef tenderness by previous studies. These markers could be used in immunological tests to predict beef tenderness, in living animals as well as in carcasses. It is well known that rearing practices modify the amounts of mRNA and proteins. Therefore, the reliability of protein tests could be affected by livestock and biological effects such as production systems, breed, muscle and animal type. This study analysed the effects of animal and muscle type on 24 proteins. The animals studied were 67 young bulls and 44 steers of the Charolais breed, and muscles were Longissimus thoracis and Semitendinosus. Protein amounts were determined by Dot blot, an immunological technique. Results showed that expressions of 20 proteins were influenced by animal and/or muscle type. These results could lead to modifications and adaptations of prediction tests according to rearing practice, bovine breed and beef cut.


Corresponding author


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Variations in the abundance of 24 protein biomarkers of beef tenderness according to muscle and animal type

  • N. Guillemin (a1), C. Jurie (a1), I. Cassar-Malek (a1), J.-F. Hocquette (a1), G. Renand (a2) and B. Picard (a1)...


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