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Milk fat depression and energy balance in stall-fed dairy goats supplemented with increasing doses of conjugated linoleic acid methyl esters

  • D. Fernandes (a1), M. A. S. Gama (a2), C. V. D. M. Ribeiro (a3), F. C. F. Lopes (a2) and D. E. De Oliveira (a1)...


Feeding dietary supplements containing trans-10, cis-12-conjugated linoleic acid (t10,c12-CLA) has been shown to induce milk fat depression in cows, ewes and goats. However, the magnitude of the response is apparently less pronounced in lactating goats. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of increasing doses of CLA methyl esters (CLA-ME) on milk production, composition and fatty-acid profile of dairy goats. Eight Toggenburg goats were separated in two groups (four primiparous and four multiparous) and received the following dietary treatments in a 4×4 Latin Square design: CLA0: 45 g/day of calcium salts of fatty acids (CSFA); CLA15; 30 g/day of CSFA+15 g/day of CLA-ME; CLA30: 15 g/day of CSFA+30 g/day of CLA-ME; and CLA45: 45 g/day of CLA-ME. The CLA-ME supplement (Luta-CLA 60) contained 29.9% of t10,c12-CLA; therefore, the dietary treatments provided 0, 4.48, 8.97 and 13.45 g/day of t10,c12-CLA, respectively. Feed intake, milk production, concentration and secretion of milk protein and lactose, body condition score and body weight were unaffected by the dietary treatments. Milk fat secretion was reduced by 14.9%, 30.8% and 40.5%, whereas milk fat concentration was decreased by 17.2%, 33.1% and 40.7% in response to CLA15, CLA30 and CLA45, respectively. Secretions of both de novo synthesized and preformed fatty acids were progressively reduced as the CLA dose increased, but the magnitude of the inhibition was greater for the former. There was a linear reduction in most milk fat desaturase indexes (14:1/14:0, 16:1/16:0, 17:1/17:0 and 18:1/18:0). Milk fat t10,c12-CLA concentration and secretion increased with the CLA dose, and its apparent transfer efficiency from diet to milk was 1.18%, 1.17% and 1.21% for CLA15, CLA30 and CLA45 treatments, respectively. The estimated energy balance was linearly improved in goats fed CLA.


Corresponding author


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Milk fat depression and energy balance in stall-fed dairy goats supplemented with increasing doses of conjugated linoleic acid methyl esters

  • D. Fernandes (a1), M. A. S. Gama (a2), C. V. D. M. Ribeiro (a3), F. C. F. Lopes (a2) and D. E. De Oliveira (a1)...


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