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Influence of dietary fibre level and pelleting on the digestibility of energy and nutrients in growing pigs and adult sows

  • M. Le Gall (a1), M. Warpechowski (a2), Y. Jaguelin-Peyraud (a1) and J. Noblet (a1)


Two experiments were carried out to investigate the effect of pelleting on the apparent total tract digestibility (ATTD) of energy and nutrients according to the dietary fibre (DF) level in growing pigs (experiment 1) and in adult sows (experiment 2). Four diets based on wheat, barley, maize and soybean meal and supplemented with increased contents of a mixture of wheat bran, maize bran, soybean hulls and sugar beet pulp (116, 192, 268 and 344 g NDF/kg dry matter (DM) in diets 1 to 4) were tested. In experiment 1, 32 growing pigs (62 kg average BW), in two replicates and according to a factorial design, were fed one of the four diets, either as mash or as pellets. The digestibility of energy, organic matter (OM) and all nutrients decreased with DF increasing for both feed forms; the reduction was about 1% for each 1% NDF increase in the diet (P < 0.001). Pelleting improved moderately the digestibility of energy and OM (+1.5% and +1.0%, respectively; P < 0.05) in connection with greater DF (+5%; P < 0.05) and fat digestibility (+25%). Thus, pelleting improved the digestible energy content of diets on average by 0.3 MJ/kg of feed DM (P < 0.01). In experiment 2, four adult dry sows (235 kg average BW) were used in a 4 × 4 Latin square design and fed the four diets used in experiment 1 as pellets. The digestibility of energy, OM and macronutrients also decreased with DF increase (P < 0.001; −0.4% per 1% increase of dietary NDF for energy) while the digestibility of DF (i.e. crude fibre (CF) or ADF) increased (P < 0.001) or remained at a high level. In conclusion, increasing DF in diets decreases the digestibility of nutrients and energy in pigs and in sows. Although positive, the pelleting impact is minor on the energy and nutrients digestibility of fibre-rich diets in growing pigs, even in high-DF diets.


Corresponding author


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Influence of dietary fibre level and pelleting on the digestibility of energy and nutrients in growing pigs and adult sows

  • M. Le Gall (a1), M. Warpechowski (a2), Y. Jaguelin-Peyraud (a1) and J. Noblet (a1)


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