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Increased vitamin supplement to sows, piglets and finishers and the effect in productivity

  • R. K. S. Santos (a1), A. K. Novais (a1), D. S. Borges (a1), J. B. Alves (a1), J. G. N. Dario (a1), G. Frederico (a1), C. R. Pierozan (a1), J. P. Batista (a1), M. Pereira (a1) and C. A. Silva (a1)...


With still limited information on vitamin requirements and considering that many commercial practices adopt dietary vitamin levels above the values suggested by nutritional tables, this study aimed to assess the effect of administering vitamin supplementation to sows in gestation and lactation and to their litters on the reproductive performance and body condition of the sows and on the performance and immune profile of the litters until slaughter. The trial was split into two phases. The first phase used 104 sows, assigned to be randomized to blocks according to parity, submitted until 21 days of lactation to two treatments: control–standard (standard levels of vitamins) and test–elevated (elevated levels of vitamins). Each sow and its respective farrow were considered an experimental unit. The sows underwent evaluations of body condition score, back fat thickness and reproductive performance. In the second phase, 60 barrows and 60 gilts at 21 days of age and mean initial weight of 5.33 ± 1.5 kg until slaughter at 164 days of age. The piglets were assigned to randomized blocks according to the weight and sex of the animals in a 2 × 2 factorial model, with 10 replicates per treatment, where a pen with three animals represented the experimental unit. Following the same treatments of the first phase, the piglets were evaluated for daily weight gain, daily feed intake, feed conversion, mortality rate and humoral immune response. Vitamin supplementation had no positive effects on the reproductive parameters or body composition of sows. However, it positively impacted the performance of the litters in the early nursery stage, but did not lead to superior effects on the immune responses to vaccination against circovirus or mycoplasma.


Corresponding author


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Increased vitamin supplement to sows, piglets and finishers and the effect in productivity

  • R. K. S. Santos (a1), A. K. Novais (a1), D. S. Borges (a1), J. B. Alves (a1), J. G. N. Dario (a1), G. Frederico (a1), C. R. Pierozan (a1), J. P. Batista (a1), M. Pereira (a1) and C. A. Silva (a1)...


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