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Effects of maternal methyl donor on the pork characteristics of offspring pigs with prenatal exposure to bisphenol A

  • Y. Zhuo (a1), J. Wang (a1), H. Liu (a1), D. Mou (a1), T. Adebowale (a2), L. Che (a1), Z. Fang (a1), S. Xu (a1), G. Liu (a2), Y. Lin (a1), B. Feng (a1), N. Abdullah Al-Dhabi (a3), J. Li (a1), V. Duraipandiyan (a3) and D. Wu (a1)...


To explore the effects of maternal nutrition on offspring muscle characteristics, a total of 56 sows were assigned to one of the four dietary groups during gestation: control (CON), or control diets supplemented with methyl donor (MET), bisphenol A (BPA), and combined BPA and MET (BPA+MET). Compared with CON offspring, MET offspring showed a higher meat redness value, but lower glycogen content in the longissimus thoracis (LT). Moreover, compared with CON offspring, MET offspring showed lower LT glycogen synthase (GS) mRNA levels at birth and the finishing stage, and increased methylation at the GS promoter. Prenatal BPA exposure reduced the pH and redness value of meat, but increased the lightness value, lactate content, glycolytic potential and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) enzyme activity in the LT muscle. Prenatal BPA exposure increased LDH mRNA levels in the LT muscle at birth and the finishing stage, and reduced methylation at the LDH promoter. Thus, maternal MET affects muscle GS and LDH expression via DNA methylation, thereby resulting in persistent effects on pork quality.


Corresponding author


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Yong Zhuo and Jun Wang contributed equally to this work.



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