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Effect of production system before the finishing period on carcass, meat and fat qualities of beef

  • A. Guerrero (a1), C. Sañudo (a1), P. Albertí (a2), G. Ripoll (a2), M. M. Campo (a1), J. L. Olleta (a1), B. Panea (a2), S. Khliji (a3) and P. Santolaria (a4)...


Twenty Gascon young bulls that had been reared either in intensive conditions (INT) (n=10) with early weaning at 3 to 4 months, or in a traditional extensive (EXT) system (n=10) with weaning at 7 months, were subjected to the same conditions during the 145-day finishing period. Production system before the finishing period did not affect conformation, dressing percentage or morphology of the carcass; nevertheless, tissue composition differed somewhat between the two groups. Display had a stronger effect on meat colour than did production system. Percentage of myoglobin was highest in INT (P⩽0.001), although meat texture and sensory quality did not differ between rearing conditions. EXT animals had darker, more yellow fat, a higher percentage of n-3 fatty acids (P⩽0.001), a lower percentage of saturated fatty acids (P⩽0.05) and a lower n-6/n-3 index (P⩽0.001) than did the INT-reared animals. Production system before the fattening period might modify some of the characteristics of commercial beef, especially those associated with fat.


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Effect of production system before the finishing period on carcass, meat and fat qualities of beef

  • A. Guerrero (a1), C. Sañudo (a1), P. Albertí (a2), G. Ripoll (a2), M. M. Campo (a1), J. L. Olleta (a1), B. Panea (a2), S. Khliji (a3) and P. Santolaria (a4)...


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