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Effect of extruded linseed supplementation on blood metabolic profile and milk performance of Saanen goats

  • A. Nudda (a1), G. Battacone (a1), A. S. Atzori (a1), C. Dimauro (a1), S. P. G. Rassu (a1), P. Nicolussi (a2), P. Bonelli (a2) and G. Pulina (a1)...


This study assessed the effects of dietary supplementation with extruded linseed on milk yield and composition, milk fatty acid (FA) profile and renal and hepatic metabolism of grazing goats in mid-lactation. Forty Saanen goats were divided into two isoproductive groups: one group was fed the control diet (CON) composed of hay and pelleted concentrate and the other group was supplemented with additional 180 g/day of extruded linseed (LIN; dry matter basis), which supplied 70 g/day of fat per head for 9 weeks. Animals grazed on pasture for ∼3 h/day after the first of the 2 daily milkings. Milk samples were collected weekly and analyzed for fat, protein, lactose, milk urea nitrogen (MUN) and somatic cell count. Blood samples were collected every 2 weeks and analyzed for total bilirubin, creatinine, aspartate transaminase (AST), alanine transaminase (ALT), gamma glutamyl transpeptidase, alkaline phosphatase, total protein and urea nitrogen. Milk yield was higher in the LIN than in the CON group (2369 v. 2052 g/day). LIN group had higher milk fat (37.7 v. 33.4 g/kg) and protein (30.7 v. 29.1 g/kg) concentration and lower MUN (35.0 v. 43.3 mg/dl) than CON group. Goats fed LIN had greater proportions of 18:1 trans11, 18:2 cis9trans11 and total polyunsatured fatty acids n-3 in milk fat, because of higher 18:3n-3 and 20:5n-3 FA, and lower proportions of short- and medium-chain FAs than goats fed CON. All kidney and liver function biomarkers in serum did not differ between dietary groups, except for AST and ALT, which tended to differ. Extruded linseed supplementation to grazing mid-lactating goats for 2 months can enhance the milk performance and nutritional profile of milk lipids, without altering the general hepatic and renal metabolism.


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Effect of extruded linseed supplementation on blood metabolic profile and milk performance of Saanen goats

  • A. Nudda (a1), G. Battacone (a1), A. S. Atzori (a1), C. Dimauro (a1), S. P. G. Rassu (a1), P. Nicolussi (a2), P. Bonelli (a2) and G. Pulina (a1)...


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