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Joris van Speilbergen's Journal and a Site in the Huarmey Valley, Peru

  • Donald E. Thompson (a1)


An illustration of the Huarmey Valley in Joris van Speilbergen's journal from the year 1615 shows a “ruined castle, occupied by our men.” In an archaeological survey conducted by the author, a site was located which is very likely to be the one occupied by van Speilbergen. The site appears to be Chimu or Inca in date on the basis of the plan, the construction of tapia adobe, and the high percentage of reduced-fired ceramics. Despite the small size and relative unimportance of the Huarmey Valley, the site, to judge by the illustration and the existing ruins, was a large and impressive structure of some importance to the Chimu and/or the Inca Empire.



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Joris van Speilbergen's Journal and a Site in the Huarmey Valley, Peru

  • Donald E. Thompson (a1)


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