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A Comment on Emery and Edwards’ “Archaeological Potential of the Atlantic Continental Shelf”

  • Bert Salwen (a1)


After expressing general agreement with the major conclusions reached by Emery and Edwards, the author comments on two points. 1. He takes issue with the oft repeated assertion that Archaic peoples of the Northeast coast did not “learn to eat marine mollusks,” and suggests, instead, an environmental explanation for the absence of shellfish debris from some Archaic sites. 2. He adds to the list of archaeological sites now under water, points out that, at some of these, artifactual materials seem to have been protected from scattering by the development of peat layers over the occupation areas, and he suggests that this fact may hold out hope for the future discovery of relatively undisturbed drowned sites in the waters off the Atlantic Coast.



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A Comment on Emery and Edwards’ “Archaeological Potential of the Atlantic Continental Shelf”

  • Bert Salwen (a1)


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