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Series representation and simulation of multifractional Lévy motions

  • Céline Lacaux (a1)


This paper introduces a method of generating real harmonizable multifractional Lévy motions (RHMLMs). The simulation of these fields is closely related to that of infinitely divisible laws or Lévy processes. In the case where the control measure of the RHMLM is finite, generalized shot-noise series are used. An estimation of the error is also given. Otherwise, the RHMLM X h is split into two independent RHMLMs, X ε,1 and X ε,2. More precisely, X ε,2 is an RHMLM whose control measure is finite. It can then be rewritten as a generalized shot-noise series. The asymptotic behaviour of X ε,1 as ε → 0+ is further elaborated. Sufficient conditions to approximate X ε,1 by a multifractional Brownian motion are given. The error rate in terms of Berry-Esseen bounds is then discussed. Finally, some examples of simulation are given.


Corresponding author

Postal address: Université Paul Sabatier, UFR MIG, Laboratoire de Statistique et Probabilités, 118, Route de Narbonne, 31062 Toulouse, France. Email address:


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MSC classification

Series representation and simulation of multifractional Lévy motions

  • Céline Lacaux (a1)


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