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Coupling on weighted branching trees

  • Ningyuan Chen (a1) and Mariana Olvera-Cravioto (a1)


In this paper we consider linear functions constructed on two different weighted branching processes and provide explicit bounds for their Kantorovich–Rubinstein distance in terms of couplings of their corresponding generic branching vectors. Motivated by applications to the analysis of random graphs, we also consider a variation of the weighted branching process where the generic branching vector has a different dependence structure from the usual one. By applying the bounds to sequences of weighted branching processes, we derive sufficient conditions for the convergence in the Kantorovich–Rubinstein distance of linear functions. We focus on the case where the limits are endogenous fixed points of suitable smoothing transformations.


Corresponding author

* Postal address: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department, Columbia University, 321 S. W. Mudd Building, 500 W. 120th Street, New York, NY 10027, USA.
** Email address:


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MSC classification

Coupling on weighted branching trees

  • Ningyuan Chen (a1) and Mariana Olvera-Cravioto (a1)


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