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  • Print publication year: 2004
  • Online publication date: June 2014

3 - Sarah to Rebekah


I have thought of you as my daughter for some twenty years now, ever since I heard the report of your birth. How I rejoiced at that report and felt, even then, that you would be the woman chosen by Yahweh to carry the seed of promise. When this letter reaches you, know that the time is at hand when Abraham will send his servant to your land in search of a wife for Isaac. Yahweh has spoken to me and I, in turn, have encouraged Abraham to secure the woman for our son from among his kindred. I know Abraham will do as I ask, and soon, as you will understand when you read this letter.

I do not understand the ways of Yahweh nor can I offer adequate explanation of this god to you. Abraham thinks of Yahweh as his God, but I assure you that Yahweh is accessible to women and responds to even our unspoken thoughts. Abraham believes that Yahweh wants only obedience from us and that we will be blessed as promised. Sometimes I think Yahweh wants – or demands – more than obedience. Abraham and I followed his command to go from our country and kindred and come to the land of Canaan, but if this is the land of promise, it is the land of promises delayed. We build altars under every spreading tree to Yahweh on our journeys and yet there are still times of drought and famine.