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  • Print publication year: 2010
  • Online publication date: October 2010
  • First published in: 1892



From Onor, Octob. 30, 1623

Being departed from Goa and arriv'd at this Port of Onor I shall give you some account of what hath happened in my observation during the few days since the last that I writ to you, on October the tenth; and because I understood that it lay still at Goa, with the two Ships which were to go thence for Persia, I have thought fit to send this to accompany it, and I hope you will receive both of them together, and that not without as much delectation of my News, as I am pleas'd in writing to you from several places, and (when I can get opportunity) from those very places which afford the Novelties and matters whereof I write, which therefore may possibly be more grateful in the reception as being native of the Country.

I took ship with our Portugal Ambassador, Sig. Gio. Fernandez Leiton, about Evening, October the fourteenth, and, departing from Goa, we remov'd to a Town call'd Pangi in the same Island, but lower, near the place where the River enters into the Sea, and whither the Vice-Roys used to retire themselves frequently to a House of Pleasure which they have there, besides many other like Houses of private persons upon the River likewise, and where also at the mouth of the Sea, or Bar, as they call it, which is a little lower, almost all Fleets that depart from Goa are wont to set Sail.