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  • Print publication year: 2011
  • Online publication date: March 2012

15 - Perspectives on future directions



‘We are on the verge of a golden age.’

(Quote by Martin Lohr on xanthophyll research)

This chapter presents a diverse collection of perspectives covering recent discoveries and ‘crystal ball gazing’ on future directions. Detection and characterisation from a molecular level is covered through to monitoring phytoplankton dynamics and climate change at a regional and global Earth observation level. At a molecular level, perspectives are provided on our basic understanding of the role of pigments in photosynthesis and photoprotection incorporating the development of new analytical and ‘omics’ techniques. Applied perspectives are included on HAB detection, aquaculture and algal biotechnology. Phytoplankton pigment research continues to develop opening up many fascinating and exciting possibilities. These perspectives highlight how research on pigments acts as a linchpin across a diverse range of disciplines including microbial ecology, oceanography, limnology, remote sensing and applied phycology.

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