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Passive Imaging with Ambient Noise
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Book description

Waves generated by opportunistic or ambient noise sources and recorded by passive sensor arrays can be used to image the medium through which they travel. Spectacular results have been obtained in seismic interferometry, which open up new perspectives in acoustics, electromagnetics, and optics. The authors present, for the first time in book form, a self-contained and unified account of correlation-based and ambient noise imaging. In order to facilitate understanding of the core material, they also address a number of related topics in conventional sensor array imaging, wave propagation in random media, and high-frequency asymptotics for wave propagation. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, the book uses mathematical tools from probability, partial differential equations and asymptotic analysis, combined with the physics of wave propagation and modelling of imaging modalities. Suitable for applied mathematicians and geophysicists, it is also accessible to graduate students in applied mathematics, physics, and engineering.

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