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  • Print publication year: 2006
  • Online publication date: June 2018

The literature of collection management Adela Clayton



This select and annotated bibliography covers the area of collection management, largely as defined by the scope of this volume. It is limited to material published since 1990, as there are several excellent bibliographies covering earlier material (see, for example, the bibliographies of Thomas Nisonger listed below in ‘Collection evaluation and review’). Within this time span, the primary focus is upon more recent material as with the increasing introduction of electronic resources change has been so marked.


A conscious decision was taken not to arrange the material included here in the sequence of the chapters in this volume. This was for two reasons: first, each chapter already lists ‘Further reading’ as its final section. Second, there are some topics – such as copyright or government publications – which are discussed in several chapters. It seemed more useful to bring material on these topics together.

Following the general material which appears immediately below, items are grouped into broad subject areas, arranged alphabetically.

Collection management journal titles

Acquisitions Librarian

Against the Grain

The Bottom Line

Collection Building

Collection Management

Library Collections, Acquisitions and Technical Services

Library Resources and Technical Services


The following titles are also worth checking for collection management articles.


Australian Academic & Research Libraries

College & Research Libraries


Electronic Library

Information Technology & Libraries

Journal of Academic Librarianship

Journal of Library Administration

Journal of Library and Information Science

Library Admin and Management

Library Hi Tech

Library Trends


AcqWeb [22 April 2001]. Provides comprehensive links to information and resources of interest to acquisitions or collection development librarians. Includes listservs. International in scope.

Atkins, S. (1996) Mining automated systems for collection management. Library Administration and Management, 10 (1), 16–19. Describes the way that data from library automated systems may be used for collection development planning and management, urging librarians not to waste this capacity.

Baker, D. (ed.) (1997) Resource management in academic libraries, Library Association Publishing. Includes chapters on academic libraries, resource management, old and new universities and colleges of advanced education, total quality management, performance indicators, costing, fund allocation and formulae, research collections, IT, operating costs and space planning. Four of the 16 chapters are by Baker.