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  • Print publication year: 2020
  • Online publication date: March 2020

3 - On Climate Change and Cyber Attacks: Leveraging Polycentric Governance to Help Heal the Planet and Promote Cyber Peace

from Part II - Security and Environmental Threats Facing the Frontiers: Case Studies in Commons Management and their Application to Cybersecurity and Internet Governance


This chapter tracks the evolution of the climate change regime, discussing both top-down multilateral agreements (such as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) as well as bottom-up polycentric efforts with a particular focus on the period from the 2009 Copenhagen Accord to the 2015 Paris Agreement. It then compares and contrasts these findings with the history of Internet governance from its birth in the late 1970s to the last major meetings in 2017 that occurred prior to publication of this book. Finally, the potential of polycentric governance to mitigate the two global collective action problems of climate change and cyber attacks is assessed using a regime effectiveness study.

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