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  • Print publication year: 2020
  • Online publication date: March 2020

6 - The Future of Frontiers

from Part III - Governing New Frontiers in the Information Age


This chapter begins with a summary of the impact of cyber-enabled technological advancement, resource scarcity, and multipolar politics on the evolution of strategies for mitigating global collective action problems that are evolving, describing how and why they are doing so and what that means for cybersecurity and Internet governance going forward. It then discusses the rise and fall of the CHM concept, and the extent to which sustainable development principles are reinvigorating the central tenants of this concept and, with it, the sustainable use of global common pool resources. The chapter moves on to a global study of regime effectiveness across the new frontiers studied in Part II with a special emphasis on cyberspace. Distributed governance best practices identified throughout the study are then applied to promoting a global culture of cybersecurity, particularly with regard to securing the Internet of (broken) Things such as through blockchain technology, and vulnerable critical infrastructure.

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