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  • Print publication year: 2009
  • Online publication date: July 2011
  • First published in: 1880

M: Macbeth to Mendelssohn


Macbeth, 1. Tragedy in 3 acts; words by Rouget de l'Isle and Hix, music by Chelard. Produced at the Académie, June 29, 1827, without success. In London, King's Theatre, July 4, 1832.

2. Opera in 4 acts; libretto by Piave, music by Verdi. Produced at the Pergola, Florence, March 1847; at Paris, with alterations, at the Théâtre Lyrique, April 21, 1865.

3. An overture for orchestra in B minor, by Spohr (op. 75).

4. The first act of an opera, Macbeth, was published by von Collin in 1809; and sketches by Beethoven for the overture (D minor, 6-8) and first chorus therein, are given by Mr. Nottebohm in Mus. Wochenblatt, 1879, No. 10. [G.]

MACBETH MUSIC. Three musicians, of varied eminence, have successively composed music for Sir William Davenant's additions to–rather than alterations of–Shakespeare's tragedy of Macbeth. Sir William designed to increase its attractions for the public by combining with it music, improved scenery, and stage-machinery. He died before he could bring his experiment into practice; but it was carried out by his widow and son, at the new theatre in Dorset Garden in 1672. Downes, who was then, and for many years after, the prompter of the theatre, took advantage of the information he acquired through his position, to write a book, called ‘Roscius Anglicanus, or an Historical Review of the Stage’ (12mo. 1708).

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