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  • Print publication year: 2010
  • Online publication date: April 2011
  • First published in: 1887



This is not only one of the personages most prominent, and most inauspicious for the diarist, in Hedges' Journal, but he is also one of the most memorable figures in the early history of British India. Yet he figures as yet in no Biographical Dictionary, nor have I been able to ascertain anything regarding his origin.

He had arrived in India in 1655 or 1656, and though not, it would appear, sent from England in the Company's service, he before long found admittance into it, and we read his name in a nominal roll entered in the Court Books under date 12-13th January 1657 (i.e., N.S. 1658) as junior member of the Council at Kásimbázár, thus: “Job Charnock, Fourth, (Salary) 20£.”

His original engagement was for five years (which was perhaps the general custom); and a memorial of his, from Patna apparently, dated 23rd February 1663-4, preserved among the I.O. Records, shows that he had intended then to terminate his service and return to England, but at the same time he expresses his willingness to remain, if appointed Chief of the Pattana (Patna) Factory. This appointment, no doubt, was made; for in 1664 he appears incidentally in the records as holding that position, in which he continued till 1680 or 1681.

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