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  • Print publication year: 2012
  • Online publication date: October 2012




This book is derived from many discussions and sources, the first six books being particularly useful:

Apai, D. and Lauretta, D. Protoplanetary Dust, Cambridge University Press, 396 pp., 2010.

de Pater, I. and Lissauer, J. J. Planetary Sciences, second edition, Cambridge University Press, 647 pp., 2009.

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Perryman, M. The Exoplanet Handbook, Cambridge University Press, 410 pp., 2011, which contains over 3200 references.

Seager, S. (Editor) Exoplanets, Arizona University Press, 526 pp., 2010.

Taylor, S. R., Solar System Evolution: A New Perspective, Cambridge University Press, 460 pp., 2001.

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Taylor, S. R. and McLennan, S. M. Planetary Crusts: Their Composition, Origin and Evolution, Cambridge University Press, 378 pp., 2009.

The series of books on planetary and space science published by the University of Arizona Press are especially relevant to the theme of this book, in particular the following volumes:

Asteroids III (Editors: W. Bottke et al.) 2002.

Jupiter (Editor: Fran Bagenal) 2007.

Meteorites and the Early Solar System II (Editors: D. Lauretta and H. Y. MacSween) 2006.

Protostars and Planets V (Editors: B. Reipurth et al.) 2007.