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  • Print publication year: 2003
  • Online publication date: June 2012




AcyclicQ[g] yields True if graph g is acyclic.

See also FindCycle, TreeQ ▪See page 285


AddEdge[g, e] returns a graph g with the new edge e added, e can have the form {a, b} or the form {{a, b}, options}.

See also AddVertex, DeleteEdge ▪See page 193


AddEdges[g, 1] gives graph g with the new edges in l added. l can have the form {a, b}, to add a single edge {a, b}, or the form {{a, b}, {c, d}, ‥}, to add edges {a, b}, {c, d}, ‥, or the form {{{a, b}, x}, {{c, d}, y}, ‥), where x and y can specify graphics information associated with {a, b} and {c, d}, respectively.

New function ▪See also AddEdge ▪See page 193


AddVertex[g] adds one disconnected vertex to graph g. AddVertex[g, v] adds to g a vertex with coordinates specified by v.

See also AddEdge, DeleteVertex ▪See page 195


AddVertices[g, n] adds n disconnected vertices to graph g. AddVertices[g, vList] adds vertices in vList to g. vList contains embedding and graphics information and can have the form {x, y} or {{X1, y1}, {x2, y2} ‥} or the form {{{x1, y1), g1}, {{x2, y2}, g2}, …}, where {x, y}, {x1, y1}, and {x2, y2} are point coordinates and g1 and g2 are graphics information associated with vertices.