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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: October 2019



This book aimed to explore the intriguing multispecies relationship and commensal bond between human and nonhuman beings in general, human and animal relationships in particular, and especially the relationship between human and avian creatures. The scene was set to North Europe, and the time frame to the Bronze Age. It aimed to challenge the common split between different notions nourished by the modern era such as subject/matter, nature/culture, animal/human, primitive/modern, real/constructed, matter/spirit, substance/form, innate/learned, male/female, and other associated hierarchal inequalities. It turned to discourses within the anthropological field and the ontological turn evoked by researchers such as Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, Phillipe Descola, Tim Ingold, and others, who been exploring the manifolds of worldings among human cultures around the globe, such as animism, totemism, analogism and naturalism. It also tried to embrace Karen Barad‘s notion of agential realist ontology and her thoughts on how different matters and nonhuman beings participate in unfolding humans understandings of the world. Together it formed agential realist perspectivism that I have tried to explore in relation to Birds in the Bronze Age.