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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: October 2019

Ten - Bird Intra-Actions

from Part III - Intra-Actions


The avian creatures we have fortunately become acquainted with in Part II of this book have been assembled and unfolded in different contexts, and, as will become clear in the following, different contexts seem to assemble and unfold different avian creatures. Following the theoretical position outlined in Chapter 1 – agential realist perspectivism – these configurations are no coincidence, but the result of intra-acting avian creatures whom possessed – and still possess – their own power in relationships with human beings. This is an ongoing process. New archaeological excavations as well as new reassessments of older assemblages unfold new intra-actions and understandings of the Bronze Age as well as our contemporary worldings. But how can we move beyond studying how humans have handled and perceived avian creatures in the Bronze Age, to explore how the intra-actions of these creatures contributed in unfolding the worldings of human beings during this era? Is it even possible?