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  • Print publication year: 2009
  • Online publication date: October 2010
  • First published in: 1861



JOHN ORPHINSTRONGE was of Corpus Christi college in 1544, but was named as one of the fellows or scholars of Trinity college in the charter of foundation. 19 Dec. 1546. He was B.A. 1546-7, and commenced M.A. 1549. In 1562 he occurs as LL.D. and official of the archdeaconry of London.

Rymer, xv. 108. Hale's London Precedents, 145. Masters's Hist, of C. C. C. C. ed. Lamb, 481.

THOMAS CECIL was educated in this university, but we have not been able to ascertain his college or house. He was B.A. 1541, and M.A. 1544. We have the following a'ccount of him in an answer by Sandys bishop of Worcester, to certain charges brought against him by sir John Bourne in 1563. “Touching Mr. Thomas Cecil, being a man in his youth well brought up in learning, and also in good religion in Cambridge; and after that, serving Mr. Goodrick; because he obtained not his purpose in a suit, he upon displeasure departed from Mr. Goodrick, and revolted in religion, as I heard it credibly reported. Coming to Worcester, he hath shewed himself a most obstinate papist, and adversary to the gospel; and hath there professed and practised both the temporal and spiritual law, being sufficiently instructed in neither: wherefore, and for his frivolous delays and unhonest shifts daily by him used in defence of evil causes, being charged therewith by me, by my chancellor I discharged him of my consistory court.

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