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  • Print publication year: 2020
  • Online publication date: April 2020

6 - Ambient Backscatter Relay Communication

from Part II - Architectures, Protocols, and Performance Analysis


Wireless backscatter shares some similarity with the radio-frequency (RF)-powered wireless communications. This motivates the design of a hybrid radio that can operate in either active RF communications or backscatter communications. The flexibility in the radio’s mode switching provides an additional degree of freedom to improve the overall network performance. In this chapter, we first review cooperative transmission strategies in conventional RF-powered wireless communicationsystems and then discuss the feasibility of cooperative relay transmission via backscatter communication. We propose the passive relaying scheme that leverages the backscatter radios to act as passive relays and assist the RF communications. The passive relays backscatter the RF signals from the source to the receiver which, by experiments, shows to improve the transmission rate due to the enhanced multi-path diversity gain.

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