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New books

New books can be seen on this page

New Major Reference Work titles available - February-April 2021

New journals

All our new 2020 journals are listed below. On our price list, new titles are highlighted in column E, 'New to Cambridge', with the filter '1'.

Canadian Journal of Philosophy
Data-Centric Engineering (new and OA)
European Psychiatry
Gut Microbiome (new and OA)
Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy
Journal of the Royal Musical Association
National Institute Economic Review
Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle 
Wearable Technologies (new and OA)

Please note that the grace period for lapsed subscribers is 60 days. The grace period is in place to offer subscribers a chance to renew their subscription without any interruption of access to their journal.

Open Access

We have a comprehensive open access policy, which you may read here.

Cambridge University Press is committed to supporting Open Research goals, please see our comprehensive open access policy. As such we will be switching 2 journals; European Psychiatry and Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences from the subscription model to the Gold Open Access model in 2020.

Mid-2019 Open Access launches

Data & Policy 
Experimental Results

2020 Open Access launches

Data-Centric Engineering
Gut Microbiome 
Wearable Technologies

Journals no longer publishing with Cambridge for 2020

Journal of Applied Animal Nutrition
World's Poultry Science Journal

Ceased publication: 

Parasitology Open