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The Systematics Association promotes all aspects of systematic biology by organising conferences and workshops on key themes in systematics, running annual lecture series, publishing books and a newsletter and awarding grants in support of systematics research. Membership of the Association is open globally to professionals and amateurs with an interest in any branch of biology, including palaeobiology. Members are entitled to attend conferences at discounted rates, to apply for grants and to receive the newsletter and mailed information; they also receive a generous discount on the purchase of all volumes produced by the Association. The first of the Systematics Association's publications The New Systematics (1940) was a classic work edited by its then-president Sir Julian Huxley. Since then, more than 70 volumes have been published, often in rapidly expanding areas of science where a modern synthesis is required. The Association encourages researchers to organise symposia that result in multi-authored volumes. In 1997 the Association organised the first of its international biennial conferences. This and subsequent biennial conferences, which are designed to provide for systematists of all kinds, included themed symposia that resulted in further publications. The Association also publishes volumes that are not specifically linked to meetings and encourages new publications (including textbooks) in a broad range of systematics topics. More information about the Systematics Association and its publications can be found at the following website:

  • Editor-in-Chiefs: David J. Gower, Department of Zoology, The Natural History Museum, London