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A key feature of the current phase of globalization is outsourcing and coordination of production by lead buyers, largely to developing country producers, with the splintering of production by tasks across countries. This process began with manufacturing but then spread to tradable services, such as IT and agri-food processing. This phenomenon of geographically dispersed production is variously labelled as Global Value Chains (GVCs). This series focusses on developmental contours within and around GVCs.

  • Editorial Boards: Stephanie Barrientos, University of Manchester, Gary Gereffi, Duke University, North Carolina, Dev Nathan, Institute for Human Development, New Delhi and Duke University, North Carolina, John Pickles, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Jennifer Bair, University of Virginia, Valentina De Marchi, University of Padova, Italy, Joonkoo Lee, Hanyang University, South Korea, Shengjun Zhu, Peking University, China