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Critical Perspectives on Empire is a major series of ambitious, cross-disciplinary works in the emerging field of critical imperial studies. Books in the series will explore the connections, exchanges and mediations at the heart of national and global histories, the contributions of local as well as metropolitan knowledge, and the flows of people, ideas and identities facilitated by colonial contact. To that end, the series will not only offer a space for outstanding scholars working at the intersection of several disciplines to bring to wider attention the impact of their work; it will also take a leading role in reconfiguring contemporary historical and critical knowledge, of the past and of ourselves.'Cambridge University Press's new series, Critical Perspectives on Empire, marks an important development in historical studies of imperialism, colonialism, and postcolonialism.'H-HistGeog

  • Editorial Boards: Catherine Hall, University College London, Mrinalini Sinha, Pennsylvania State University, Kathleen Wilson, State University of New York, Stony Brook