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This is a new series of annual volumes which will be utilized in the development of an American Law Institute (ALI) project on World Trade Organisation Law. The project will undertake yearly analysis of the case law from the adjudicating bodies of the WTO. These Reporters' Studies will cover a wide range of WTO law ranging from classic trade in goods issues to intellectual property protection. Each case is jointly evaluated by well-known experts in trade law and international economics. The reporters critically review the jurisprudence of WTO adjudicating bodies and evaluate whether the ruling 'makes sense' from an economic as well as legal point of view, and if not, whether the problem lies in the interpretation of the law or the law itself. The studies do not cover all issues discussed in a case, but they seek to discuss both the procedural and the substantive issues that form the 'core' of the dispute.

  • General Editors: Henrik Horn, Stockholms Universitet, Petros C. Mavroidis, Université de Neuchatel, Switzerland