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About this Elements series:

Elements in Contemporary Performance Texts responds to the evolution of the form, role and meaning of text in theatre and performance in the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries, tracking its role through stages of development to public presentation and documentation. Encompassing a wide variety of forms (including dramatic writing, dramaturgical composition, oral and audio texts, textual embodiment, sounding and display) the series investigates how text in, for and from contemporary theatre and performance has been shaped by new modes of theatrical creation and engagement. This carefully curated collection provides new perspectives on collaborative practices, design innovation and digital technologies in the light of shifting cultural concerns and audience expectations around the world.

Submit a proposal:

To submit a proposal for an Element in the Contemporary Performance Texts series, please download this form and send it to the series editors (see About the editors tab). 

Areas of interest:

  • What happens to text as it is developed, staged, embodied, choreographed, spoken, sung, mediatized, displayed? 
  • How does text in/for/from performance interact with sounds, images, bodies, sites and cultures?
  • How is text performative or performable, and how is performance textual or rendered such?

Elements in this series