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3. Clusters of Galaxies

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  25 April 2016


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Abell and Corwin (34.160.040) have continued the search of southern clusters on photographs taken with the U.K. Schmidt telescope at Siding Spring. A catalogue is in preparation, it continues the Abell catalogue toward southern declinations. West (32.160.019, 32.160.036, 34.160.044) has initiated a study of distant southern clusters with automatic identification of clusters and objective evaluation of their properties. Noonan (30.160.006) and Sarazin et al. (31.160.030) have listed clusters with published redshifts. Numerical simulations have demonstrated the presence of bias in observed clusters as difined by Abell (33.160.006), ranked absolute magnitudes of galaxies are distance dependent (33.160.081), some clusters may be due to projection effects (34.160.009).

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