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Let's Talk About CBT Podcast

Visit the Let's Talk About CBT podcast page to listen to podcasts from the BABCP. Relevant papers for each episode are listed below.

What is cognitive behavioural couples therapy?

Behavioural couple therapy: measuring therapist competence.
I. Rudolf von Rohr, S. Corrie, M.S. Fischer, D.H. Baucom, M. Worrell and H. Pote

Digital CBT

IAPT and the internet: the current and future role of therapist-guided internet interventions within routine care settings
Graham R. Thew

Helping teenagers do more of what matters to them

Adapting brief Behavioural Activation (BA) for adolescent depression: a case example
Laura Pass, Gemma Brisco and Shirley Reynolds

Tolerating uncertainty: what helps?

Towards a model of uncertainty distress in the context of Coronavirus (Covid-19)
Mark Freeston, Ashley Tiplady, Lauren Mawn, Gioia Bottesi and Sarah Thwaites

CBT for Bipolar Disorder

The impact of a CBT-based bipolar disorder psychoeducation group on views about diagnosis, perceived recovery, self-esteem and stigma
Thomas Richardson and Lucy White

Coping with anxiety about coronavirus

Death anxiety in the time of COVID-19: theoretical explanations and clinical implications
Rachel E. Menzies and Ross G. Menzies

Treating Social Anxiety Disorder Remotely with Cognitive Therapy
Emma Warnock-Parkes, Jennifer Wild, Graham R Thew, Alice Kerr, Nick Grey, Richard Stott, Anke Ehlers and David M Clark

CBT for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Assessing functioning in adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome: psychometric properties and factor structure of the School and Social Adjustment Scale and the Physical Functioning Subscale of the SF36
M.E. Loades, S. Vitoratou, K.A. Rimes and T. Chalder

Implementation of stepped care for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome in community-based mental health care: outcomes at post-treatment and long-term follow-up
Anthonie Janse, Arno van Dam, Coby Pijpers, Jan F. Wiborg, Gijs Bleijenberg, Marcia Tummers, Jos Twisk, Stephanie Nikolaus and Hans Knoop

CBT for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Cognitive therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder following critical illness and intensive care unit admission
Hannah Murray, Nick Grey, Jennifer Wild, Emma Warnock-Parkes, Alice Kerr, David M. Clark and Anke Ehlers

Targeting intrusive imagery using a competing task technique: a case study
Lalitha Iyadurai, Susie A. Hales, Simon E. Blackwell, Kerry Young and Emily A. Holmes

Self-concept, post-traumatic self-appraisals and post-traumatic psychological adjustment: what are the relationships?
Alberta Engelbrecht and Laura Jobson

CBT for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Do you believe in magical thinking? Examining magical thinking as a mediator between obsessive-compulsive belief domains and symptoms
Robert E. Fite, Sarah L. Adut and Joshua C. Magee

CBT for Hoarding

Exploring emotions and cognitions in hoarding: a Q-methodology analysis
Adam Postlethwaite, Stephen Kellett and Nathan Simmonds-Buckley

Older adult hoarders’ experiences of being helped by volunteers and volunteers’ experiences of helping
Kirsty Ryninks, Vuokko Wallace and James D. Gregory

Hoarding among older people: an evaluative review
Graham R. Thew and Paul M. Salkovskis

CBT for Psychosis

Cognitive behavioural therapy for psychosis targeting trauma, voices and dissociation: A case report
Laura McCartney, Maggie Douglas, Filippo Varese, Douglas Turkington, Anthony P. Morrison and Robert Dudley

CBT for Body Dysmorphic Disorder

‘If you have good skin, you are god. If you have bad skin, you are a piece of rubbish’. Mastery of shame and anger in treatment-resistant body dysmorphic disorder: A single case study.
Oliver Sündermann, Jonathan Wheatley and David Veale

Mindfulness Based Therapies

Participants' Experiences of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: “It Changed Me in Just about Every Way Possible”
Mark Allen, Andrew Bromley, Willem Kuyken and Stefanie J. Sonnenberg

Coping with stress and anxiety: a spiritual and cultural perspective

Addressing issues of race, ethnicity and culture in CBT to support therapists and service managers to deliver culturally competent therapy and reduce inequalities in mental health provision for BAME service users.
Saiqa Naz, Romilly Gregory and Meera Bahu

The need for service change and community outreach work to support trans-cultural cognitive behaviour therapy with Black and Minority Ethnic communities.
Andrew Beck and Saiqa Naz