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Superclustering: Theory Versus Observations

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  03 August 2017

Jaan Einasto
Tartu Astrophysical Observatory, Toravere, Estonia, USSR
Maret Einasto
Tartu Astrophysical Observatory, Toravere, Estonia, USSR
Enn Saar
Tartu Astrophysical Observatory, Toravere, Estonia, USSR
Bernard J. T. Jones
NORDITA, Copenhagen, Denmark
Vicent J. Martinez
NORDITA, Copenhagen, Denmark


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The spatial distribution of galaxies is compared with model distributions. It is demonstrated that giant and dwarf galaxies in the Local Supercluster occupy statistically identical regions. Various tests suggest that galaxy formation is biased since all unbiased model distributions are in conflict with observed distribution of galaxies. Multifractal analysis shows that a cold dark matter dominated universe with biased galaxy formation has a fairly constant fractal dimension over a broad range of scales. This contrasts with the observed distribution which does not show simple fractal features.

Research Article
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