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Article contents

Strategies for accelerating the adoption of materials informatics

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  10 September 2018

Logan Ward
The University of Chicago, and Data Science and Learning Division, Argonne National Laboratory, USA;
Muratahan Aykol
Toyota Research Institute, USA;
Ben Blaiszik
The University of Chicago, and Data Science and Learning Division, Argonne National Laboratory, USA;
Ian Foster
Department of Computer Science, The University of Chicago, and Data Science and Learning Division, Argonne National Laboratory, USA;
Bryce Meredig
Citrine Informatics, USA;
James Saal
QuesTek InnovationsLLC, USA;
Santosh Suram
Toyota Research Institute, USA;
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Ongoing, rapid innovations in fields ranging from microelectronics, aerospace, and automotive to defense, energy, and health demand new advanced materials at even greater rates and lower costs. Traditional materials R&D methods offer few paths to achieve both outcomes simultaneously. Materials informatics, while a nascent field, offers such a promise through screening, growing databases of materials for new applications, learning new relationships from existing data resources, and building fast predictive models. We highlight key materials informatics successes from the atomic-scale modeling community, and discuss the ecosystem of open data, software, services, and infrastructure that have led to broad adoption of materials informatics approaches. We then examine emerging opportunities for informatics in materials science and describe an ideal data ecosystem capable of supporting similar widespread adoption of materials informatics, which we believe will enable the faster design of materials.

Data-Centric Science for Materials Innovation
Copyright © Materials Research Society 2018 

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Strategies for accelerating the adoption of materials informatics
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Strategies for accelerating the adoption of materials informatics
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Strategies for accelerating the adoption of materials informatics
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