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Generation of plasma blocks accelerated by nonlinear forces from ultraviolet KrF laser pulses for fast ignition

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  14 April 2010

R. Sadighi-Bonabi*
Sharif University of Technology, Teheran, Iran
H. Hora
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Z. Riazi
Amirkabir University of Technology, Teheran, Iran
E. Yazdani
Amirkabir University of Technology, Teheran, Iran
S.K. Sadighi
Sharif University of Technology, Teheran, Iran
Address correspondence and reprint requests to R. Sadighi-Bonabi, Sharif University of Technology, Teheran, Iran. E-mail:


Here we report on the production of highly directed ion blocks by plasma interaction of ultraviolet wavelength light produced from a KrF laser. This may support the requirement to produce a fast ignition deuterium-tritium fusion at densities not much higher than the solid state by a single shot petawatt-picoseconds ultraviolet laser pulse. Using double Rayleigh initial density profiles, we are studying numerically how the nonlinear force necessary to accelerate plasma blocks may reach the highest possible thickness. Propagation of plasma blocks and the volumetric hot electrons can be shown in detail. Results of computations for wavelengths of two lasers are compared, which show that the block current density for a KrF laser is approximately four times bigger than for the Nd-glass lasers. This is in good agreement with the number predicted by theory.

Research Article
Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2010

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